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Chelsea May 22nd 2018
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Taylors Clematis on Taylors Clematis on Gardeners' World

The 2018 Raymond Evison exhibit will be a contemporary seashore exhibit featuring clematis floating on 3 waves that are 14m long and also rolling underneath these waves.
There will be two board-walks where visitors can walk between the waves and admire the clematis flowers closely, thus interacting with the plants. Also incorporated in the design will be 5 boats full of clematis in flower, the boats will appear to be floating on a sea of blue clematis flowers along side the sandy shoreline .


The shoreline of sea sand  will feature amongst other items, old fashioned crab and lobster pots also enhanced  with clematis plants  in flower.
There will be three new clematis cultivars on view that are part of the Raymond Evison Clematis Collection for 2018, these being C.Nubia (tm) Evipo079(n) a stunning new red  C.Sarah Elizabeth (tm) Evipo098(n) a new colour break in pink flowered clematis, which is named after Sarah Elizabeth Groves who tragically lost her life in Kashmir .
And C.Tranquilite (tm) Evipo111(n) an outstanding very paleblue/white named to acknowledge the outstanding work of Les Bourgs Hospice in Guernsey.

Raymond's Guernsey Clematis Nursery is one of the leading breeders and producers of clematis in the world.

Chelsea May 22nd 2018

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Taylors Clematis:  Nubia

 Any Aspect
 May to October
 3 - 4ft (1 - 1m)
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Taylors Clematis: texensis Prince William

 Any Aspect
 June to September
 6 - 8ft (2 - 2.5m)
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Taylors Clematis:  Sarah Elizabeth

 Any Aspect
 May to October
 3 - 4ft (1 - 1m)
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Taylors Clematis: 'Tranquillity' Tranquilite

 3 - 4ft (1 - 1m)
 May to October
 Any Aspect
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